Code of Ethics

enfield-car-repairOur goal at L&S Automotive is to provide the information every customer needs ot make the best decision about his or her repairs.  We believe our job is to inform you accurately and honestly about what is going on with your car.  Because we want you to be confident that the decision you’re making is a good one we will give you information about what repairs are needed and why we are recommending it.  We will also tell you up front not only how much it will cost, but how much you’ll save in the long run by getting it done now.

At L&S Automotive we promise to:

1.  Accurately diagnose and recommend corrective measures for repair.  Present all options to our customers, and help them make the best choices for their situation.

2.  Recommend preventative maintenance items to help increase the life span and efficiency of our customer’s vehicles, and help maintain their investment.

3.  Offer a price estimate on all recommended work.

4.  Obtain prior authorization for all work performed.

5.  Make every effort to meet promised deadlines.

6.  Treat everyone honestly, fairly and with respect.

7.  Treat every customer’s vehicle as we would our own.

8.  Operate our business according to what is best for the customers, our employees, the community and the industry.

9.  Go above and beyond accepted industry standards of service.

10.  Maintain a safe, clean and environmentally friendly facility.